About Bolly DanceFit

Bolly DanceFit, one of the leading Bollywood Dance Institute in the Chicago area. The mission of Bolly DanceFit is to provide an exposure to Bollywood dance in a way that it can be enjoyed by all individuals irrespective of their dance skills and prior knowledge to Indian culture/dance. Bolly DanceFit strongly believe in providing a joyful experience through their instruction and creating a non-intimidating environment for all participants.

Chief Dance Director

Deepthi Chiruvuri is the Founder and Chief Dance Director of Bolly DanceFit. Deepthi had a passion for dance since childhood and she started her own dance school at the age of 20. She has years of experience teaching individuals at different dance skill levels and age groups. She enjoys dancing with all her students and she believes that, There is a dancer in all of us.

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