Bollywood Dance Classes

Bolly DanceFit offers Bollywood dance classes for all different ages and different skill levels. This class focuses on teaching the movements and techniques of the Bollywood dance through a fun, structured and routine program.

Types of classes offered

Junior Kids – Level1 : From 3 years to 5 years.

Junior Kids – Level2 : From 5 years to 7 years.

Senior Kids : 7 years to 13 years.

Adults : 14 years and up.

Benefits of Kids dance classes

Regular dance practice at Bolly DanceFit can increase your child’s flexibility, range of motion, physical strength and stamina. The repetitive movements involved in dance can improve muscle tone, correct poor posture, increase balance and coordination and improve overall cardiovascular health. Here are some of the benefits of dance for young children.

  • Dance Promotes Creativity. Participating in dance lessons promotes creativity and helps a child develop an appreciation for the arts. Dance is a form of self-expression. Children who explore the world of dance at an early age will find a constructive outlet for their creativity and a positive way to express themselves. Honing their creativity at a young age will help them later in life.
  • Dance Improves Classroom Performance. Studies show that children who participate in dance lessons tend to perform better in the classroom. Dance requires discipline and focus, which translates to an improved academic performance. In addition, dance lessons help reinforce educational basics, like counting. Children also learn to differentiate right from left and fast from slow.
  • Dance Improves Self-Esteem. During dance lessons, a child gains a better understanding of their body and how it moves. Children with a background in dance are typically more comfortable about their body and have improved levels of self-confidence. It takes great courage and confidence to dance on stage in front of an audience, and dance helps encourage both of these wonderful qualities. Dance also helps foster a positive attitude. 
  • Dance Encourages Socialization. Dance lessons are a great place for kids to make new friends. With each class, children learn to improve their communication and social skills by interacting with other dancers in their class. They also learn how to work together as a team. 
  • Dance Encourages an Active Lifestyle. In today’s technology-driven world, it is becoming increasingly important for children to adopt a physically active lifestyle early on. Dance is the perfect way to keep kids physically active in a fun way. By bringing your child to dance class, they will improve their flexibility, range of motion, stamina and their strength. The movements in dance also help improve balance, coordination and posture. Dance focuses heavily on proper body alignment and learning how to move the body to create fluid motion. It’s no wonder dance has been used to help train athletes in some of today’s most competitive sports like football and basketball.
  • Dance Helps Improve Behavioral Issues. Dancing is a skill that requires intense focus, discipline and coordination. Many parents find that dance lessons help improve behavioral issues, such as hyperactivity. The art of dancing tends to have a calming effect on children and also helps them release pent-up energy.
  • Dance is Fun! This is perhaps the greatest benefit. Dancing is so much fun for kids. It allows them to stay active in a fun and exciting way. All the while, your child develops important social and emotional skills without even realizing it. As your child progresses, they can explore different areas of dance and make new friends in the process.

Benefits of Adult dance classes

Dance does not have to end when you graduate, start a career or have kids. Here at Bolly DanceFit, we are all about YOU. Here are some sure fire reasons that Adult Dance classes are beneficial.

  • Dancing helps reduce stress levels. Exercise of any form is vital to your mental and emotional health, but dance is proven to reduce stress levels more than other forms of exercise. Movement within community and with musical accompaniment is the perfect recipe to diminish stress. 
  • Dancing is a great calorie burner. Let’s all be honest, working out is often a chore. Dance classes provide a great cardio workout in a way that doesn’t even seem like work. 
  • Dancing improves your memory. Studies show that dance classes are a great preventative tool for memory loss and dementia. Retaining choreography and aerobic exercise both aid in a healthy mind, no matter your age. 
  • Dancing introduces you to new friends. Class community is a great place to make new friends with others who share your interests. Maintaining these relationships in a positive environment is not only fun, but it also benefits your emotional health and your immune system! 
  • You deserve it. You work hard. You deserve time for yourself and the things you enjoy doing.

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