Dance Costumes and Jewelry Services

‘Bolly DanceFit’ already made their own mark in dance apparel and providing performance costumes and jewelry to different dance schools, special events and stage shows with a vision to make the performance planning and participation easy for the dance institutes as well as for the students by offering an affordable dance wear to bring the performers back on stage again and again.

Why dealing with costume rentals? If you can own one of the best dress and matching jewelry in an affordable cost. You pick the size, model and color and will provide them to your door steps. You take care of preparing the performance teams and will take care of their dance apparel. Let’s collaborate …. “competition makes us faster; collaboration makes us Better.”

Our team is very much ready with more than 100 models to serve you for your next performance. Fill the costume order inquiry form as below and will contact you back with all available models for you to review and order your best pick.

Costume Order Inquiry Form

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